Other Maanasi related international projects completed are:

Disease Prevention

Donation of Jeep and 2 scooters $15,000 – Year 2002

Disease Prevention

Donation of office equipment for clinic operations (given by Bangalore Midtown Rotary) – Year 2002 – ongoing

Disease Prevention and treatment, Maternal and Child Care

Donation of funds for medications costing approximately $7500 per year – 2002 – ongoing

Water and Sanitation

Funds for building toilets for patients $2000 – Year 2010


Hiring, training and salaries of caseworkers $700 per month ($8400 annually) – 2002 – ongoing


Hiring and training village women as data entry operators $2000 per year – 2010 – ongoing

Disease prevention and treatment

Donation of EKG machine by Midtown Rotary – 2006

Literacy and education

Training of village women on Depression through focus groups; women’s cooperatives monthly – 2003- ongoing

Literacy and education

Teaching villagers about mental health through village festival activities and street plays; Teaching about common medical problems, immunization -2002- ongoing

Health promotion and disease prevention

Testing patients for vision and hearing loss; Hundreds of villagers tested via an integrated care model; Screening and treating children for epilepsy, congenital disorders causing cognitive challenges – 2006- ongoing

Economic Development Empowerment of women

Training of successfully treated women in tailoring, teaching others in villages to set up a tailoring center – 2014- ongoing

Community development

Donation of 8 sewing machines by Bangalore Midtown Rotary – 2015- ongoing

Transportation and infrastructure needs

Donation of 3 scooters by Greenwich Rotary club – 2016

Employment of villagers as cooks, driver, assistants

Education of families, villagers about alcoholism, with social workers, and family meetings and education through home visits by caseworkers and physicians, disseminating information to decrease stigma and discrimination – 2002- ongoing

Peace and Conflict Resolution

Working with primary health care center doctors in a collaborative effort to help patients, share expertise and prevent suicides, address infrastructure needs – 2010- ongoing

Development of clinic cloud based database Peace and Conflict resolution and building infrastructure by helping other low and middle income countries (Kenya and Lithuania)

Donations, training, collaborative teaching efforts helping nurses, resident medical officers, junior psychiatrists understand and use technology solutions; build a new software program, demonstrate outcomes and effectiveness $9090.90 given by Howard West Rotary; personal donations by Dr. Jayaram and Midtown Rotarians – 2015- ongoing

Rotary Action Group on Mental Health Initiatives (
Education, training, sharing experiences among 21 countries so far

PDG Bonnie Black from US and Dr. Geetha Jayaram are Chair and Vice Chair – 2016- ongoing